We, Suntora Co., Ltd., proudly serve as the exclusive export agent for Fujikoki Expansion Valve, a leading manufacturer of high-quality products that we have been distributing worldwide since 1987.


FUJIKOKI Expansion Valves (TXV, TEV)

The expansion valve is one of the most important parts of an automobile’s air conditioner and controls its cooling performance. It is installed with the evaporator in the air conditioning system.

C Type Thermostatic Expansion valve (TXV valve)

Our high-performance thermal expansion valves have been specifically developed for use in automotive air-conditioning applications. With a lightweight and compact design, they offer exceptional efficiency and reliability.

Additionally, these valves feature internal adjustment settings, ensuring optimal superheating levels are maintained throughout their lifespan. More detail


G Type Thermostatic Expansion valve (TXV valve)

With internal adjustability and pre-set superheating levels, our thermal expansion valves are the perfect choice for automotive air-conditioning applications.

These valves are designed to be both efficient and effective, delivering consistent performance and reliable operation.  More detail


V Type Thermostatic Expansion valve (TXV valve)

With an advanced internal regulation system, our thermal expansion valves offer superior performance and eliminate the need for additional components such as thermal sensing tubes or external equalizing capillaries.

Additionally, superheat levels are pre-set at the factory, ensuring maximum efficiency and convenience during installation and use.  More detail


Additionally, these valves feature internal adjustment settings, ensuring optimal superheating levels are maintained throughout their lifespan. More detail



Pressure Switch


In addition to our advanced thermal expansion valves, we also offer pressure switches that provide precise control over electric condenser fans and offer protection against excessive pressure levels.

These switches are designed to stop the compressor when necessary, ensuring the safe and reliable operation of refrigeration systems. More detail


Fujikoki thermostatic expansion valve (TXV valve)

have been supplied to car manufacturers worldwide since the company’s establishment in 1949, including leading brands such as
Hino, and GMFordCryslerCheovoletVolks WagenMercedes BentzBMWAudi,
OpelJaguarLandroveFerrariPeugeotCitroenSaabVolvoHyundaiDaewoo etc. with an annual production of over 45 million units.
  C type model such as CAE, CBE are from Fujikoki factory in Thailand.
 G type model such as GBE, GBE-E are from Fujikoki factory in Taiwan.
  V type model, called block type, such as VDE, VHE are from Fujikoki factory in Taiwan(since 2014), instead of Japan.
Currently, as of 2023, the manufacturing of component parts for C type models, and G type models and V type models remains exclusively based in Japan.

Fujikoki Thailand manages the supply of all C, G, and V models.

Counterfeit Products! 
Counterfeit Fujikoki Expansion Valve products are prevalent in the market.
To ensure you get the correct and authentic product, please exercise caution when making your purchase.

Pressure Switch 

Our product range includes expansion valves designed for buses and refrigerated trucks.

We offer FFE and JBE types to meet different specifications and requirements.